Memorial Day Weekend 09…

This year we spent our time at home and it was really nice. Andy’s family came for a visit. They had planned to bike Antelope Island, but the rain ruined that plan.

They brought us a Tulip Tree for the yard!! This was perfect because we had been talking about planting a tree in front of the deck for some added privacy and shade.

And Voila!!


Summer Goals….

Goal #1- Beef up my savings account

After our fabulous trip to Hawaii, my bank account is looking a little less than satisfactory. I’ve decided that it’s time to kick it into save, save, save mode.

Andy’s brother, Cory, seems to be pretty good at saving money, so I asked him his secret. Know what he said?

“Don’t spend money.” Ha ha.

If it’s that simple, then why is it so hard?!! But I’ve definately been making more of an effort to watch the pennies. I’ve been taking my lunch every day to work and school and refraining from buying junk from the vending machines.
Andy planted a garden this year which I’m really excited about. Having a garden will hopefully help us cut back on the cost of groceries. I just need to get some cooking from the garden tips from his mom!

I’ve also quit going on random outtings to Target or the mall just because I’m bored. This one is so hard because I love shopping for clothes and shoes. So to help with this, I made another goal…

Goal #2- Work out at least four times a week

I made myself a chart to check off each week. If I can make it to the end of the summer without missing one week of workouts, then I will ‘reward’ myself with a small shopping trip to get some new clothes for winter.

I’ve been doing really well with the workout goal so far. On Monday, Andy and I went walking with Ash. Yesterday I took a Body Sculpting class at WSU which totally kicked my butt big time and then last night, Andy and I went for a bike ride. The bike ride was so much fun!!

As part of my saving money goal, I’ve decided to limit driving my car and purchase a bike. I could then ride my bike a couple blocks to the nearest UTA stop and then ride the bus all the way to WSU. I can ride UTA for free as a student so it would totally cut back on gas expenses.

I’m pretty excited about getting a bike. Andy and I have been looking for a good deal on a beach cruiser (with a basket!)

Goal #3- Do well in school

Last semester I pulled five A’s and one B. I’m determined to do just as well this semester. There is just one little thing that could stand in my way- Math 1050! dun dun dun

Seriously, I think this class will be the end of me. It’s been about 6 or 7 years since I took any sort of math class so I’m really struggling to pull all of this information out of my memory banks.

Andy says he’ll tutor me and I’m pretty sure I’ll be spending every free second in the Math lab getting help. It’s frustrating because I look at the problems and I know that I could do them at one point but it’s been so long since I was in the math mode and even then I struggled with it.

But I’m determined. I’ll just work my butt off and make it happen. Same with my other goals.

In the meantime…I think it’s about time for a camping trip!