Sleepy time is rough…

The other night Ash was lying by the side of the couch looking very forlorn. I think she realized that it was almost bedtime.
She doesn’t like bedtime very much and sometimes I have to carry her to her room. She slinks down and tries to hide from me when I say “Sleepy time Ash!”
Ever since she was a puppy she has been babied. She has always slept in the bedroom either on her pillow by the side of the bed or on the actual bed. I think she got used to hearing the sounds of her people sleeping next to her.
I’ll admit that there were times when it was a great comfort to me to fall asleep with my arm around her.
When I moved her to Andy’s house I knew I still wanted to allow her to sleep indoors, but that I didn’t want her in the bedroom anymore. It was time for her to have her own place at night.
For now, we have settled on the spare bedroom. I set her pillow and blanket up in the middle of the room. She likes to be tucked in.

She has a hard time though because she’s alone and it’s quiet in the room all by herself. I started putting a radio in there, on low volume all night, to keep her company. That stopped her from whining. But she’s still not a happy camper when night time comes.

Anyway, we were watching her be sad, laying over in the corner, and feeling bad. Andy thought maybe she needed a little attention before we pushed her into night time solitude. So he got her up and started to play with her in the middle of the living room.

Cutest thing ever! It totally melted my heart to watch my loves wrestle around and play together. Ash was having the time of her life being center of attention and she went to bed that night with no fuss!


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