Fall in August?

Yesterday was unusually chilly for an August day. It’s been overcast and a little windy the last couple of days. And there’s been that cool, crisp feeling in the air. I really, really love that feeling.

It kind of made me wish that fall was here. Fall is my favorite time of year. There are so many great things about it, from the month before it hits full force, to the months after, full of family time and holidays.

Some of the things I love the best about this time of year:

* Just before Fall, it’s the change into something new- new classes, shopping for sweaters, and saying goodbye to hot summer days.

* The turning of the leaves and the beautiful fall colors that come as a result. Driving through the canyon and seeing the hills engulfed in orange, red, and yellow. Coming over the hill and seeing the change in the valley.

* Decorating for Halloween. Beginning to bake fall treats and soup cooking on the stove.

* Family at Thanksgiving and yummy, yummy food. Looking forward to family at Christmas. Taking time from our busy schedules to spend time together, cuddle in front of the fire, watch some movies and make home made hot cocoa and caramel corn at my moms.

I think I love this time of year because it feels so ‘cozy.’ We spend more time indoors, cuddling on the couch together, cooking together, taking time for hot bubble baths, and snuggling under the comforter at bedtime. I also love the family get togethers, laughing and just hanging out.

I’ll hang on to warm days for another month or two but I’ll be looking forward to Fall at the same time.


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