Casual week off

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Andy and I have had this entire week off of work. I’ve been so lazy padding around the house in my slippers and not bothering to brush my hair until 2 in the afternoon.

We’ve done a lot of crosswords and watched a couple of movies. Yesterday I made peanut butter cookies and raspberry bars. It’s been wonderful just chillin at home.

I’ve also had some time to browse a lot of my favorite online shops and have some great stuff to share with you in the coming week!

Have a lovely day and a very Happy New Years Eve!


It’s play time!!

We got some fluffy powder dumped in our yard today so Andy and I took Ash out to play.

We threw the frisbee for her and she bounded through the snow like a little jack rabbit.

Coming back for more over and over again.

I couldn’t help but purposely throw a low one so she’d have to tunnel through the snow with her nose to get it.

Because she’d come back all snowy faced and looking so adorable.

Henry didn’t appreciate the snow. The poor guy was tip toe-ing around like a little baby and shaking off his wet paws after each step.

I gently tossed him in a snowbank.

The second he got his footing, he high tailed it out of there, stopping to give me a dirty look as he passed.

Sad Face and Music Monday

Boo hoo. Christmas is over, just like that. After all the anticipation and build up and it’s gone for another year. But New Years is coming up and that’s something fantastic to look forward to.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend. I got to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day bouncing between my moms and Andy’s parents house. Good times, great food, amazing family. I’m so blessed.

I had to work on Saturday and Sunday but that was okay. I had my Ipod to keep me company. On constant replay lately has been Lisa Mitchell and Bon Iver. I love!!!

I have to work tonight but then I have the rest of the week off!! Yippy! Plus, I’m getting kissed this New Years! Pretty sure it’s gonna be a good week.

On finally enjoying Christmas

Andy and I finally got to enjoy the holidays this past week. Thursday found us at my grandmother’s house eating a delicious cranberry, creamcheese, and jalepeno dip that my aunt brought and later passing presents and guessing Christmas song lyrics.

Saturday found me wrapping presents. Boy, was it nice to have a day off!

Henry helped.

Later on we went over to our friends, S & Di’s place. The house was full of other couples AND their million children. I confess, up until this point in my life, little children haven’t really been my cup of tea. However, I found myself lifting up a random child at the party and setting her on my lap. She quickly riggled down, but the strange feeling came over me that I wished that one of those rug rats was mine. Maybe I’m finally ready for that stage in my life. Who knows.

Andy brought these to the party:

Yum! Easy lemon cookies made with lemon cake mix. Email me if you want the recipe and I’d be glad to share.

He wore his Charlie Brown sweater. I love it!

Last night I worked and was dreading coming home. The past few weeks I’ve been coming home to remodel mess as Andy tries to finish our kitchen. I’d been doing my best to hide the fact that it had been making me very depressed and irritable, but I was wearing thin and I think Andy could tell.

I walked in the door last night to a wonderful surprise. Andy had spent the day cleaning the kitchen and living room. I could actually see the surface of the coffee table!! The kitchen was immaculate and my curtains from this post, where completely clean!

The cherry on the top of that night was seeing a plate of homemade cinnamon rolls, sent by Andy’s mom, sitting on the countertop. What a nice treat!

PS- Here’s a sneak peak of our new concrete countertops!!

Christmas Cartoons

One of my favorite things about Christmastime when I was growing up, was the Christmas cartoons. I was just reminiscing today about some of my favorites.

Want to reminisce with me?

And my absolute, all time favorite Christmas Cartoon was The Nutcracker Fantasy. Thanks to Andy for helping me find it online. I loved, loved, loved this version of the Nutcracker.

That was so much fun!! I miss these cartoons! IMO, cartoons these days are just crap. Last year Andy got me a compilation of some of my favorite Christmas cartoons as a gift and I was so excited! I think it’s time to get them out again.

The new stuff

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Snow is so lovely right after it falls, but the second the world starts moving for the day, everything starts to turn gray and look a bit…

This is the Real World Baby!!
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This aint no Wonderland, this is the real world, Baby! A look for sophisticated, hardworking women.

On my mind

What’s on my mind today? A little bit of this, a little bit of that…

– It never ceases to amaze me how many people actually believe that the whole world wants to hear their personal phone conversation and therefore, answer their phones in inappropriate areas and talk as loudly as possible. Inconsiderate people are a huge pet peeve of mine.

– My Grandma’s christmas party is tonight and I’m supposed to bring a veggie tray. Yesterday I braved the crowds of people at the store and picked up everything I needed. As soon as I got home I realized I forgot the sour cream to mix with the veggie dip. Grrr. That always happens to me!

– As I sit here at work at 8am, I’m feeling quite grateful that the 12 hour overtime was called off last night at job #2 and I managed to get home by 2 am and get a little bit of sleep before having to be here this morning.

– Nothing could bring me down now after I’ve discovered that my job graciously gave me this Saturday off so Andy and I could attend a friend’s party AND they graciously gave me Christmas day off. Well, I better not say ‘nothing’ and I better knock on wood real quick.

– Ash seems to be functioning quite fine with a gaping hole in her side. We still don’t know exactly what happened but we’re obediently feeding her the prescribed medication and doing what we can to nurse her back to health.

– FINALLY!! Our kitchen countertops are finished. Okay, not all the way finished. There’s one tiny little section that still needs concrete but enough is finished to be a cause for celebration. Seriously folks, the kitchen remodel has me at the end of my rope so every little step towards victory makes me cry a few happy tears.

– 8 days until Christmas! Holy wow! Where did the time go? I keep making a mental tally of the gifts I got for Andy and feeling like it’s not enough. He has a talent for gift giving. I’ve never been disappointed with what he’s given me and have frequently been surprised at the things he’s thought to give me. Me, on the other hand, I struggle with finding the perfect gift. So now I’m feeling a bit of anxiety regarding what I chose to get him and worrying that he’ll think my gifts are lame.

– With all this overtime I’ve been working, I should have a decent paycheck coming up. Which means: pay off the little bit that remains on my last credit card (hallelujiah,) go to the dentist (no dental insurance or health insurance for that matter really bites,) go to the eye doctor (because I’m tired of alternating between my glasses and contacts just trying to make my contacts last a little longer,) and put the rest aside to be used when we go to Vegas this march!!! woo hoo!

So that pretty much sums up the corners of my mind today. What’s on your mind?