On finally enjoying Christmas

Andy and I finally got to enjoy the holidays this past week. Thursday found us at my grandmother’s house eating a delicious cranberry, creamcheese, and jalepeno dip that my aunt brought and later passing presents and guessing Christmas song lyrics.

Saturday found me wrapping presents. Boy, was it nice to have a day off!

Henry helped.

Later on we went over to our friends, S & Di’s place. The house was full of other couples AND their million children. I confess, up until this point in my life, little children haven’t really been my cup of tea. However, I found myself lifting up a random child at the party and setting her on my lap. She quickly riggled down, but the strange feeling came over me that I wished that one of those rug rats was mine. Maybe I’m finally ready for that stage in my life. Who knows.

Andy brought these to the party:

Yum! Easy lemon cookies made with lemon cake mix. Email me if you want the recipe and I’d be glad to share.

He wore his Charlie Brown sweater. I love it!

Last night I worked and was dreading coming home. The past few weeks I’ve been coming home to remodel mess as Andy tries to finish our kitchen. I’d been doing my best to hide the fact that it had been making me very depressed and irritable, but I was wearing thin and I think Andy could tell.

I walked in the door last night to a wonderful surprise. Andy had spent the day cleaning the kitchen and living room. I could actually see the surface of the coffee table!! The kitchen was immaculate and my curtains from this post, where completely clean!

The cherry on the top of that night was seeing a plate of homemade cinnamon rolls, sent by Andy’s mom, sitting on the countertop. What a nice treat!

PS- Here’s a sneak peak of our new concrete countertops!!


4 thoughts on “On finally enjoying Christmas

  1. Dude I totally love it! I want the cookie recipe by the way. :) They look delish. And I love cute Henry sitting in the box while you were wrapping. That's awesome. Oh and speaking of Charlie Brown Joe's ornament for me this year was Charlie Brown and the little shabby Christmas tree. It actually lights up and talks too. It's so cute!!! I now have 3 cute Hallmark ornaments that Joe has got me every year we've been together. At least for now it makes it easy to remember how many Christmas' we've been together. HA HA HA!!! Oh and you would be SUCH a good Mom! :) Sometimes it takes the right person and right situation to realize kids might not be too bad. I feel ya! HUGS!!!

  2. I hear you can do such neat things with concrete effects and home designs these days, so I'm very intrigued by your new counter tops. You will need to share the final product!

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