Bathtime, Stinky

Ashland gets a bath usually once a month. But in the winter, I’m hesitant to get her all wet because it’s cold outside. In the winter I can’t just put her outside to run around and dry off.

I’d been avoiding giving her a bath for a couple months now with the bad weather. But she’d gotten just a little too ripe for us to handle.

So I grabbed a cookie and said “Come on, it’s bathtime, Stinky!”

I gave her half the cookie and threw the other half at the end of the tub. Eventually she wanted the cookie bad enough to jump in the tub where I could trap her until I could get her squeeky clean.

After a thorough washing, I let her out. She ran around the house, shaking water droplets everywhere. Cleaning up after bathtime is the worst part.

I layed a towel over in her corner and she went over there and settled down to pout.

Poor baby. Life is just so rough.



3 thoughts on “Bathtime, Stinky

  1. I have never had a dog (or any pet because my mother was sooooo against them) so I don't know what it's like to give dogs baths but they do seem challenging. Anyways, like Heather said, she IS stinkin cute! :)

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