For the book lover! and more!

I was completely delighted to open my email this morning and find that my friend Andrea had sent me a link to this fabulous book necklace!!

Isn’t that clever? Andrea first saw the necklace here.

This is what they have to say about it: “The Black Spot Books makes tiny books from vintage and scrap leather and then makes jewelry out them. Seen above is one of their library collections, meant to be worn as a set. They also sell individuals. (The lovely camisole in the picture is also handmade by On the Inside.) Knowledge is beautiful.”

After reading that I just had to pop on over and check out some of the other goodies they offer.





Oh gosh! I’m pretty sure I just died a little. And it’s not just book related items that they sell. There’s more!!



Fabulous! I think I’m in love!

And because the camisole on the model is fantastic as well, I thought I’d drop in on On The Inside and see what else they had.

Feast your eyes on these pretties:



Ooh, I just love delicates! Don’t you?

Thanks, Andrea!! What a fantastic find!

Happy Friday Luvs! Andy and I are doing something fun tonight because I don’t have to work. I’m super super excited.



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