missing my distraction

Andy’s out of town on business this week. I’ll be glad when he comes home.

But it’s probably a good thing that he’s gone, considering I need to focus all my time and energy into preparing for finals. If he were here, I’d just want to spend all my time with him. But this week I can’t afford to ignore school.

At least we can chat online and send pics via webcam, when I’m taking a break. Makes it seem like he’s not so far away after all.

I’m not completely alone though. This is Henry pouting on the other side of the room after I shoo-ed him off my desk. He likes to lay on my books.


2 thoughts on “missing my distraction

  1. Aw, Henry is such a cutie!!!
    My boyfriend and I have been apart for two months now…skype and msn is the way we see each other…we even fall asleep on cam every night..sigh

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