I’m drowning here!

It’s been raining on and off for almost a week now. I have several plants that are completely water logged. Poor things.

Lovely Raindrops Notebook Cover

I’m starting to wonder when summer is actually going to show up to stay!

Raindrop Earrings

Andy and I did manage to get a walk in with Ash yesterday. It was overcast, but not too cold so that was nice.

Raindrop Mobile

But poor Ash just wanders around the house with her frisbee in her mouth and she can’t understand why we don’t want to take her out to play.

I Miss You Rain Cloud Card

Supposedly we’re going to get sun by the end of the week.

Fluffy Cloud Magnets

I really hope it’s here to stay.

Umbrella Rubber Stamps

In any case, Happy Monday!

Umbrella Necklace



3 thoughts on “I’m drowning here!

  1. I love the photo collection! It makes rain seem almost…well…cute! On the next sunny day I will be out in my big sun hat, dancing around the yard. (And probably mowing it. I like to do that too.)

  2. Sorry to hear it's raining like crazy. This year's weather is insane. It was COLD in Vegas yesterday. Yes COLD. It was overcast, windy and I wore jeans and a hoodie. UHHH yeah… Not that I'm complaining. I'll take 80s weather all summer but still. It's strange… I feel for Ash I hope the weather gets better.

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