It’s TIME to see things differently

Did you know that the Greek’s had two words for time? Chronos and Kairos.

Chronos refers to chronological or sequential time, while Kairos refers to the time in between- the time in which special things happen. Kairos is a word meaning the right or opportune moment (the supreme moment.)

Chronos- The Greek God of Time

How many of us live only for Chronos time? I have to admit that I am guilty of this- feeling that life is just a continual race against the clock?

In my head I have this long time line on which are certain events that I expect to happen at certain times. When life interfers and throws my time line out of wack, I’m consumed with anxiety and wrought with feelings of failure and despair.

Now, if I were to throw Chrono time out the window and embrace Kairos time, I have a hunch that I would be feeling a lot more harmonious inside. Why?

Because Kairos reflects the ability to adapt to and take advantage of changing, contingent circumstances.

Wow. Now, that is cool.

Kairos also means “a passing instant when an opening appears which must be driven through with force if success is to be achieved.”

Again- very cool. How many times have I mistaken those “passing instants” of opportunity to be nothing more than large bumps in the road?

Would you wallow in the loss you just experienced (seeing it as just a setback or inconvenience) and miss that “passing instant?” Or would you look around and try to figure out what new door has just opened for you?

I’ve said several times that life should be about enjoying the journey. However, as long I continue to allow Chrono time to govern my life, I will struggle to live by that.

I’m not saying that we should throw all chronological time out the window. It’s important to have some sort of life plan for yourself. But it’s also important to recognize that it’s okay for your plan to get a little mixed up from time to time. It’s okay for things to happen differently or out of order, as long as you are making the choices that you feel are right for yourself.

When you can get to that point, you can allow Kairos time to give you all sorts of special moments that, when grasped onto, can lead to even greater things.

Just something to think about.



2 thoughts on “It’s TIME to see things differently

  1. AWWW love it!!! So insightful! I feel those “passing instants” that you talk about are like the moments in your life when you're struggling to grow and it is at THAT very point that you can give it all you have and push through to all new heights or give up and go back to the security of the familiar. It's true you have to drive through with FORCE to achieve those impossible dreams to create the life you've always wanted. Thanks for sharing this. It was amazing!!!

  2. Definitely something to think about, thanks for sharing, puts things in perspective. Live for the little moments in between for sure.

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