Meet Veritek…


We’re dog sitting for my sister and brother in law this week. Ash is loving having a friend around to play with.

The neighbor kids (who love to play with Ash) stand on the other side of the fence and call for them… “Ash…and Big Dog!!” It’s pretty cute.

See those cheeks? There’s plenty of room for mass amounts of slobber to be stored in there.

One of the little boys that lives next door was concerned and had to come tell me that “they have slobber all over their heads.” Um yeah, the slobber is out of control but I don’t think either of them mind.

They play for hours…


until they’re too exhausted to keep going…



So far they haven’t gotten into too much mischief. Except for Ash who was caught digging in my flower garden the other day. The evidence was right there on her nose.


I think Ash will be sad when it’s time for Veritek to go home.





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