States of Dress

Artist Robin Barcus Slonina is working on the coolest project! She’s creating 50 dresses, one for each mainland state. Why are these dresses cool? Well, just see for yourself:

New York’s Garbage Dress


Iowa’s Prairie Dress


Maine’s Pine Cone Dress


Minnesota’s Corn Dress


Nevada’s Casino Chip Dress


And she’s not done yet! I’m kind of curious to see what the Utah dress will be- a beehive maybe? You can read all about how she constructed these dresses on her blog. Pretty fun project if you ask me!



2 thoughts on “States of Dress

  1. The casino chip dress certainly looks the most comfy, the pine cone one gives me a scratchy feeling just looking at it. Make sure to post the Utah dress when you find out, that will be interesting for sure!

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