stick a fork in me

Dear internets- I’m dragging today. I didn’t want to go to class this morning and all I could think about during the whole lecture was “I only have to come to this class one more time. Just one more time. One more time!” and then I just sat there and wished that today was that one last time.

I walked really slow up to work because I just didn’t want to face the mounds of paperwork and projects that have magically piled up on every surface of my desk. Normally I can’t wait to get to work. Today I just wanted to go home. Now, I sit here blogging instead of working and I’m feeling only slightly guilty about it. Four more hours on the clock and I’m not sure I’m going to make it. I have zero motivation to do anything that I need to.

Next week is finals week. I’ve got it pretty easy this semester so I’m not stressing too bad. I asked for some extra time off next week to ‘study for finals.’ But now I’m thinking that I’ll work really hard to get all my studying done by the end of this week. Then I’ll use my extra time off next week for a little ‘me’ time to hopefully recharge.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel and I’m almost finished with school. We’re getting married this summer and that little bit of excitement brewing inside me is keeping me going. I think I may just have a touch of the winter blues. Hopefully it’s nothing a little ‘me’ time can’t remedy.



2 thoughts on “stick a fork in me

  1. Oh winter blues… I think I'm just bored with things lately so I feel the same. Plus there's just some random things going on… OY! You can make it through these next couple of weeks. I have faith in you! I'm psyched for your wedding too. It's going to be awesome!!!

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