First Day

I just wanted to pop in and say hello on this very first day of 2011. I love it. Even though it’s just Saturday, which follows Friday and precedes Sunday just like every week, it still feels like something new and different- a fresh start, with Monday bringing new things. It really is awesome putting that new calendar up on the wall, isn’t it?

So I waxed my eyebrows today. Yes, that’s right. I waxed my eyebrows. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was feeling like a sasquatch. Knowing that it might be a couple weeks before I could meet up with one of my sisters and have them do it for me, I decided to do it myself. So I bought some microwavable wax (Gigi brand if you’re wondering,) watched a Youtube tutorial and went for it. I still have both my eyebrows so I think it went well. Looking in the mirror is much less scary now. It’s really awesome how waxed eyebrows can feel like a fresh start too, isn’t it? haha.

I also decided to do some much needed purging…from my closet. I took every single item of clothing out and laid it on the bed. Then I divided it into items that I wear on a regular basis and items that I rarely wear. After that, I counted it all and did a little math. According to my inventory, I was only regularly wearing 56% of the clothing I had in my closet. The other half was just hanging in there taking up ridiculous amounts of space.

I knew it was time to take action- I was holding on to a lot of those things just because I thought that someday I might wear it. But several of those items of clothing hadn’t been worn in two or three years. So I decided it was time to simplify and donate the clothing that was just taking up valuable space.

I mean, it’s just plain crazy to have 54 tank tops hanging in your closet and only be wearing 23 of them on a regular basis (yes, I had 54 tank tops.)

So anyway, my closet looks great now and I feel so relieved to be rid of all that extra crap. The next thing I need to tackle is my shoe cave. I have so many heels that I never wear in there. They’re really cute, but not practical for my day to day routine. Maybe I’ll give them away. First I have to come to terms with parting with them. Anyone want some cute heels?

Anyway, I think I’m ready for Monday. This week has been awesome but it’s time to get back in the swing of things.



5 thoughts on “First Day

  1. OMG I'd say I'd take any purged heels but I doubt I'll be wearing heels any time soon. HA HA HA!!! I so need to do what you did. I still hold on to stuff thinking if I lose just 5 more pounds I'll fit it. HA HA HA!!!

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