Guest Posting today…plus weekend updates!

Hey guys! Just a reminder that I’m guest posting over at Amy’s blog today. The post is about self image and being happy with yourself, so I hope you enjoy! Just click the link below.

be happy with yourself

Last night Andy and I went with my family to CircoAereo. We have a family activity every month and this month it was my turn to plan. The show was entertaining and funny-even my niece, Nellie liked it. We all had a great time!

Of course, I had to get a picture of us with the Nellie Bean. I cannot believe how much this girly smiles! It is contagious. It took us a minute to get the picture because she was more interested in grabbing at Andy’s facial hair than looking at the camera.


Also, it snowed buckets this morning but Andy and I still braved the roads to go pick up some groceries and paint for the kitchen. I am so excited to finally show you more progress. I just ordered a new duvet cover for our bed from West Elm and I cannot wait for it to show up! I’ll snap some pics for you all, don’t worry.

Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying the last day of your weekend. Or maybe you’re like me and get one more glorious day off for President’s Day! Yay!



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