Happy Monday!


I’m not ready for it but I guess it’s here anyway. This is going to be a great week though, so it’s all good! It’s going to be a great week because I turn 30 tomorrow! What’s up!! Yep, no longer freaked out about turning 30.  Again, it’s all good!


PS- As soon as things slow down around here a little, I’ll have more of our kitchen remodel to share with you! We’ve been working super hard and we’re really happy with how it’s all coming together. I’ve also got a very small something to share with you in regards to our master bedroom makeover.

In the meantime, you can get caught up with our progress by reading the following posts:

Kitchen Remodel Part 1

Kitchen Remodel Part 2

Kitchen Remodel Part 3

Kitchen Remodel Part 4

Kitchen Remodel Part 5

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3


One thought on “Happy Monday!

  1. YAY turning 30 tomorrow!!! I hope you have a fabulous birthday. I must say my 30th was so overrated. HA HA HA!!! It honestly felt like any other day. Oh well though, I survived and didn't sink into a deep depression so that has to be a good thing. HA! Anyway, can't wait to see how all the changes are going with the house. YAY! Seriously celebrate tomorrow and have a wonderful day. HUGS!!!

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