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one: Snickers Cupcakes
two: Anthropologie Boots
three: Mid Century Rocker
four: Globe Chandelier



Weekly Eye Candy

Weekly Eye Candy is a series on Ooh! Piece of Candy! that will run every Wednesday or Thursday each week. What follows are the things that caught my eye this week. Hope you enjoy!

I haven’t done one of these in awhile. I thought I might bring it back today. I’m sitting here with a to do list a mile long staring me back. I’m so excited to have the time to tackle it today! Plus, the sun is finally shining! Nevermind that it’s supposed to snow on Friday. I’ll take sun when I can get it!


Vanessa Jackman


PhotobucketCarved Jade Bracelet


PhotobucketFloral Market



Shake my hand door handle



Big books bag



“Large Piece of Turf” by Durer (1503)



Magical Coffee



Sweet little front porch


Meal Plan Monday

New feature on Candy. Meal Plan Monday. Aren’t you curious to know what other people fix for dinner? Are you bored of your own recipes? Well, peek into our kitchen every Monday and get some fresh ideas!!

Meals this Week:

Vegetarian Lime Orzo
Chicken Fajitas
Sausage Breakfast Burritos
Parmesan Sage Porkchops
Asparagus Cashew Rice Pilaf
Homemade Pizza

(Find this weeks recipes on– it’s pretty much my go-to site, so you’ll see it on here often but I’ll share some of my other favorite recipe sources as well, don’t worry.)

Last night I made ham and scalloped potatoes for Easter dinner. Yum! We have leftover ham so I think I’ll throw that in a casserole. I can separate the casserole into several containers for us to bring to work for lunch. I’m thinking this ham and potato casserole from Real Mom Kitchen would be great to try!
What’s on the menu for you to try this week? Stumped? Here’s my suggestion this week:

Vegetarian Penne

Andy and I tried that last week and it is now a new favorite. You should try it because it’s super easy and very tasty. This is a recipe I will probably come back to a lot when we have fresh veggies from the garden to use. It doesn’t make a lot of sauce, it’s just enough to coat it which was perfect for Andy. But if you like more sauce (like me,) then I suggest doubling the measurements for the sauce but keeping the pasta and veggie portions the same.  Enjoy!


PS- I’d love to see the recipes for your favorite meals. I may even try them and feature them on Meal Plan Monday!

on a saturday

I started the day washing dishes and doing laundry and then decided I needed a break so I went over to Barnes & Noble. Of course, I didn’t come home empty handed.


It’s a weakness, what can I say?

For lunch I wen to go get pizza with my grandparents for Easter. Afterward, I went with my mom to the fabric store and picked up these cute prints.


We’ll be sewing those up into skirts for my bridesmaids and little Nellie will get a cute sundress. Not really sure what I’ll do with the rest of my night. I guess I’ll put in a movie or crack open one of my new books.


Happy Earth Day

Do we really need one designated day to care about our Earth? We should be doing what we can for our planet every single day. It’s hard sometimes, right? I know I have the best intentions, but I also have all sorts of excuses. Organic is expensive, recycling is a pain because my city won’t pick it up for me, I like long & hot showers, I forgot my reusable coffee mug, and on and on. But those are pathetic excuses.

Recently I came across this quiz that you could take to see what type of ecological footprint your lifestyle was leaving. As I started going through the questions I slowly being to think, “uh oh, this is not looking good for me.” But I kept answering honestly. Here are my results:

Yikes!! I’ll just go hang my head now. I really can’t continue to let this happen. Andy and I always talk about living a more eco friendly, less waste lifestyle but then we get lazy and don’t do it. In honor of Earth Day, I’m vowing to step up our efforts. I’m going to take the quiz again at the end of the summer after we’ve made some changes around here. Hopefully it will show that I’m leaving much less of a negative impact on our planet.

I also wanted to share with you this inspiration video on the Johnson Family.

That is incredibly amazing to me and such an inspiration. Bea also writes a blog on zero waste. It’s important to me to live a life of less waste. It’s time to start making it a priority.

What will you do for your planet today?


on frustrations

I’m supposed to be preparing for a final that I have to take today. I came up on campus because I thought it would help me get in the academic mode. This past month has been hard and I’m not really sure why. I feel like I have a lot going on, but I really don’t. It’s not much more than what is normally going on. I feel overwhelmed but calm at the same time. Still, I just don’t want to face anything that I need to right now. I have decisions that need to be made and I don’t feel like making them. I have projects that need to be done and I don’t feel like doing them. And then there’s the studying. I really don’t feel like doing that.

Honestly, this entire semester has been rough. It’s like my mind has just decided to check out. I can’t retain information worth crap. I stare at my notes and nothing sticks. It’s been a frustrating semester to say the least and my grades are suffering for it. Because I can’t seem to perform at my normal academic level for the past three months, I check out completely. I’ve gone through this cycle of not caring, to stressing out and trying to cram, to feeling like a total failure because I can’t pull it together. I’ve faced lack of motivation before, but this just seems like something so much worse.

And now here I am, smack dab in the middle of finals week. I have my History of Africa final today. I have to take it sometime before 7 pm tonight. I feel just a little bit angry because I was excited to take this class. Yet, because of my inability to get any of the information I’ve been learning to stick, I feel as though the class has been a waste of time. As I sit here staring at my pages of notes, names, dates, and terms, I’m angry. Because memorizing this stuff has never been hard for me. Yet, I can’t recall a single thing from this entire semester. And I keep thinking, what’s wrong with me? Am I just completely distracted by  life and the upcoming months and events that I’m doing this to myself?

I don’t know. Because even when I do sit down with a feeling of determination and excitement to read and study and comprehend, those skills just won’t come. Even reading for pleasure and learning for pleasure, the last few months has been impossible for me. So here I sit becoming more and more frustrated. Knowing, that I have to at least pull a 90 on this exam.

“I miss you.”

“I’m right here.”

“I know. But even when we’re together, we’re not together.”

That’s how it’s been. Mentally we’re each in our own little worlds, just trying to get through with stupid school. It’s very frustrating and I’m tired of it. We’re coming up on what should be the most exciting time in our lives and we can’t even enjoy the ride. That also makes me angry.

Anyway, I can’t really sit here and blog all day-even though I wish I could. I really need to focus right now. It’s just that focusing is the last thing my mind wants to do. If only it would cooperate just for today. I just have to take this test and then maybe I can breath a little…and enjoy pizza with my grandparents on Saturday. Mmmmm… No! Think Africa, Brain! Please!


I haven’t been able to attend many dance classes in the last couple weeks because I’ve been trying to prepare for finals. I have my last final this Wednesday and then after that I plan to get back into dance full swing for the summer. Even though I’m not competing, teaching or coaching anymore, I still like to take classes because they make me feel so good. It’s a really great way to stay in shape and build up those happy endorphins.

Anyway, I’ve been taking classes off and on at Adult Dance & Fitness here in Ogden for the past three years since I stopped coaching. But this year has been a little different and a lot more fun. For starters, I was asked to attend an alumni class on Monday nights at the studio that I used to teach at. The studio is called Dance Image. I taught there from 1999-2004 and then opened my own studio. The class is full of girls that used to teach at the studio, which is really fun because in between dancing, we do a lot of reminiscing. I’ll actually be dancing in their summer recital this June. We’ll be doing four numbers- hip hop, lyrical, jazz and tap. Dance Image is pretty much the only studio that I can find that still teaches tap to dancers older than five. It’s sad that tap is such a dying form around here.

Also, I’m still attending classes at Adult Dance & Fitness. This year has been awesome because three of the girls that I work with have now started taking classes with me. We’ve been going to class together after work (whenever we can find the time around homework) for about three months now. Class was fun before, but it’s a blast now. Adult Dance & Fitness is primarily a pole dance studio. Well, I guess not primarily, but that’s what they’re known for. I don’t talk to people much about the pole classes that I take because people are so quick to judge. To clarify- it’s “Pole Fitness” that I take, not “sexy stripper pole” and it’s the hardest workout I’ve ever had!! You know in middle school gym class when they make you climb a rope? Yeah, instead of hanging at the bottom of it like a limp fish, I could probably rock that climb now.

A video of the instructors at the studio

Anyway, I was prompted to mention this because I noticed that America’s Best Dance Crew has a pole dancing group on it this season. Wha??!!! Yeah, that’s what I said. I’m anxious to see what they do with it. I hope it’s cool. I noticed you could watch a couple of the episodes on their website but I haven’t had a chance to do that yet.

The other classes that I take at AD&F are jazz, hip hop, kick boxing, step/buns & abs, aerial trapeze/hoop/silk, zumba, and yoga. I don’t take all of those classes every week- I usually rotate and try to get in four or five each week. This month it’s been hard to get to class because I’ve been so worn out from school. I can’t wait until this week is over and I can get back in to it.

Want to see some more clips (not of me, of the classes)?

Hip Hop Class

Trapeze Class

Aerial Silk Class

Zumba Class

Jazz Class

Advanced Pole Class

Aerial Hoop Class

Anyway, I just miss being in the studio more and getting my workout on. When I got home from Dance Image last night around ten, I just felt sluggish. I know that’s because I’ve been slacking with my workouts. Not really my fault, but as soon as finals week is over, I’ll be back in!