The game of life

Last night Andy and I sat on the couch together playing Angry Birds. As we sat there, we got into a rhythm of passing the controller back and forth- each taking a turn to play.While we played, we would give each other guidance and help each other.  And we would discuss…. “Do you think I should aim right there?” etc.

If I wasted all my birds before killing all the pigs, then Andy would take the controller next and give that level another try. It was always a celebration, with cheers for each other, no matter who completed the level. There was no competition between us- only partnership.


That hour of time meant so much to me, because it was more than just playing Angry Birds. It was working together for a common goal and having fun while we did it. It was being each others cheerleader and saying, “Don’t worry about it,” when someone messed up a shot. It was being silly together and enjoying each others company.

Andy never criticized me when I screwed the level up. He always cheered when I hit something dead on. He got up to take care of the ‘kids’ and let Henry out when I was playing so I didn’t have to be interrupted.

It made me realize that I’ve picked the perfect partner to have by my side in this crazy game of life.


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