I haven’t been able to attend many dance classes in the last couple weeks because I’ve been trying to prepare for finals. I have my last final this Wednesday and then after that I plan to get back into dance full swing for the summer. Even though I’m not competing, teaching or coaching anymore, I still like to take classes because they make me feel so good. It’s a really great way to stay in shape and build up those happy endorphins.

Anyway, I’ve been taking classes off and on at Adult Dance & Fitness here in Ogden for the past three years since I stopped coaching. But this year has been a little different and a lot more fun. For starters, I was asked to attend an alumni class on Monday nights at the studio that I used to teach at. The studio is called Dance Image. I taught there from 1999-2004 and then opened my own studio. The class is full of girls that used to teach at the studio, which is really fun because in between dancing, we do a lot of reminiscing. I’ll actually be dancing in their summer recital this June. We’ll be doing four numbers- hip hop, lyrical, jazz and tap. Dance Image is pretty much the only studio that I can find that still teaches tap to dancers older than five. It’s sad that tap is such a dying form around here.

Also, I’m still attending classes at Adult Dance & Fitness. This year has been awesome because three of the girls that I work with have now started taking classes with me. We’ve been going to class together after work (whenever we can find the time around homework) for about three months now. Class was fun before, but it’s a blast now. Adult Dance & Fitness is primarily a pole dance studio. Well, I guess not primarily, but that’s what they’re known for. I don’t talk to people much about the pole classes that I take because people are so quick to judge. To clarify- it’s “Pole Fitness” that I take, not “sexy stripper pole” and it’s the hardest workout I’ve ever had!! You know in middle school gym class when they make you climb a rope? Yeah, instead of hanging at the bottom of it like a limp fish, I could probably rock that climb now.

A video of the instructors at the studio

Anyway, I was prompted to mention this because I noticed that America’s Best Dance Crew has a pole dancing group on it this season. Wha??!!! Yeah, that’s what I said. I’m anxious to see what they do with it. I hope it’s cool. I noticed you could watch a couple of the episodes on their website but I haven’t had a chance to do that yet.

The other classes that I take at AD&F are jazz, hip hop, kick boxing, step/buns & abs, aerial trapeze/hoop/silk, zumba, and yoga. I don’t take all of those classes every week- I usually rotate and try to get in four or five each week. This month it’s been hard to get to class because I’ve been so worn out from school. I can’t wait until this week is over and I can get back in to it.

Want to see some more clips (not of me, of the classes)?

Hip Hop Class

Trapeze Class

Aerial Silk Class

Zumba Class

Jazz Class

Advanced Pole Class

Aerial Hoop Class

Anyway, I just miss being in the studio more and getting my workout on. When I got home from Dance Image last night around ten, I just felt sluggish. I know that’s because I’ve been slacking with my workouts. Not really my fault, but as soon as finals week is over, I’ll be back in!



One thought on “Dancing

  1. OMG I <3!!! It sounds like so much fun. It's not like I ever danced at a level anywhere near you but I always loved dance class in high school. I always enjoyed being able to be creative and get fit at the same time. Of course now I won't be attempting any sort of dance anytime soon though after the baby is born... WOO! Wish I were there to take some classes with you.

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