Putting it together

Last week we got new carpet in our bedroom!


Isn’t it pretty? Buh bye nasty, smelly, old carpet. Hello, soft and fuzzy new carpet.


We also put together our new dresser.


Henry came in to help but then got preoccupied by a box.


When he got tired of the box, he started munching on plastic.

We have strange children.

Ashland didn’t want to help, but she felt inclined to lay nearby and supervise.


Mauney was MIA. As usual.

And here he is:


Perfect! Now, I just have to figure out how to convince Andy to keep the top clean, as he likes to take receipts, change, and everything else out of his pockets at night, dump it on the top of his dresser, and leave it there indefinitely. As in…forever.

Sharing a dresser could be a clutterphobe’s nightmare! What have I gotten myself into?

We also made Marv ‘n Joe’s for dinner. Yum! Double yum! Super easy and delicious.


Slice of bread
Garlic butter
Vinegar & Oil (optional)
Salt and Pepper
Provolone Cheese
Sprinkle of Parmesan Cheese



3 thoughts on “Putting it together

  1. Love the new carpet and dresser. The drawers on it are cool. I totally feel you on the piles-o-stuff that tend to accumulate. I must say I tend to be guilty of things like that but I am doing better at just filing stuff away or throwing it away. HA! Your dinner looks super tasty. MMM. Makes me want some fresh tomatoes and cheese. MMM!!!

  2. Hooray we have the same dresser! And LOVE it. Also, Mitch is the WORST change whore in the whole world. Every day there are massive piles of receipts and change on there and it drives me INSANE. What is it with boys and receipts?! Just say you don't want it!

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