concerts, henry’s, and arbors

There just never seem to be enough hours in the day. I really need to get to bed. I’m totally exhausted. But first, I had to share some random things.

We had our monthly family activity on Saturday night. We went to the Eclipse concert at the Sandy Ampitheater.


It was really a great night and we all enjoyed the show a lot.

We picked up a puzzle to work on the other night. Henry really wanted to help.


:) What a nerd.

And in wedding news…Andy and his dad built this goooorrrgeous arbor for us to get married in front of.


We’ll be putting it in our garden when the wedding was over. It will most likely get painted white.

Okay, I believe it’s sleep time. G’night.



7 thoughts on “concerts, henry’s, and arbors

  1. I miss puzzles, and that looks like a fun one. That arbor is gorgeous. It is nice to have a handy man around. I love that you will get to have a souvenir from your wedding to enjoy in your garden all summer long. Didn't Andy propose in while you were out gardening? How perfect!

  2. Ok I totally <3 Henry. He's such a goof. And your arbor is looking amazing. That is going to be so totally awesome and I LOVE that you'll be able to put it in the garden after. It will remind you of your wedding day every time you see it and that will be fabulous. :)

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