How am I doing 2011?

Remember back in December when I set those infamous New Year’s Resolution goals? Well, since we’re just a little over half way through 2011, I thought I’d revisit them and see how I was doing. Truth be told, I haven’t really thought much about them since I wrote that post so this recap might not look so good for me.

Here’s my goals list for 2011:

1. Complete the rest of the credit’s for my bachelor’s minus my senior seminar which I’ll save for January of 2012. GO ME! I decided not to save senior seminar for 2012. I’m taking it now! If everything goes as planned, I’ll graduate earlier than expected (Dec 2011.)

2. Read five new books of my choice. I know this doesn’t sound like much, but it’s hard to get any pleasure reading in when you’re a full time student. (One of my classes this semester has six required texts-yikes!) GO ME! See my progress on my Book List page. I may be able to double my goal of five books.

3. Finish my spreadsheet and research on my chosen grad schools and narrow it down to the top three choices. GO ME! The list is definitely narrowed down. Andy and I have discussed this quite a bit actually. Right now the front runner is the University of Washington in Seattle. This is still a ways off so we don’t need to make any decisions yet, but it’s nice to know we’re thinking of the future.

4. Finish the new Master bedroom and get everything moved in there. This includes coming up with a functional and organized closet plan that works for Andy and I (and our shoes.) GO ME! We are all moved in there, but there is still some minor decorating to do. We need window treatments, nightstands and the walls are still bare. I even managed to get our closet organized- shoes included!

5. Put together a comfortable guest room so I can finally feel at ease having friends and family stay overnight. NOPE. The room needs a serious cleaning before I can move the guest bed in there. It’s on my list of things to do in the near future though.

6. Maintain the budget plan that I have followed this year but be better at reconciling it weekly. GOOD EFFORT. I have maintained my budget week to week, but I’m not that good at reconciling every week on the ol’ spreadsheet. But as long as I’m staying within my budget, then I’m okay with it. 

7. Clean and organize the basement and all the accumulating random stuff that is just laying around down there. GO ME! Well, kind of. I did actually do this. In fact, I had the basement spotless at one point. But then my mom got rid of her storage unit and brought me all of my stuff that I’d been storing in there. Now the basement is a mecca for scrapbooks, stuffed animals I never threw away, old dance trophies, and a lot of supplies and things left over from when I ran my studio. I’ll have to retackle that project next month.

8. Set up a weekly schedule for homework and study and stick to it. No more procrastinating. NOPE. You better believe I procrastinated right up to the very end. I did make a schedule but then I never stuck to it. I’m even procrastinating this semester. Oh well. It will get done.

9. Walk/take Ash to the park twice per week at a minimum. Boy do I get lazy. NOPE. In my defense, we haven’t had decent weather up until a couple of days ago. We plan to walk, hike, and play frisbee much more now that it’s nice outside.

10. Double emergency fund. I dipped in to this for Christmas so I’d like to get it back to where I had it as well as double it by the end of the year. NOPE. I still have only enough saved for three months of bills/expenses. I’d like to build that up to six months worth of emergency moolah. I honestly haven’t made this a priority though. I kind of forgot about it.

11. Pay off GL student loan. I’m close on this one so hopefully I’ll even be able to get cracking on the other student loan I have. I got a small scholarship for this semester so that should help a bit. NOPE. I’m still chipping away at it. Although, not entirely paid off, I have made a significant dent in it.

12. Remove my makeup and wash my face before bed every night. I don’t know why this is so hard for me to do, especially because I wake up feeling so much better and refreshed when I take the time for it. GOOD EFFORT. I haven’t managed to wash my face every night but I have at least used makeup remover on my eyes. It’s better than nothing, I say.

13. Try one new recipe per month. I wish I could do more, but it’s hard finding the time or energy to really cook during the week. GO ME! I actually didn’t really have to try on this one. I find myself just naturally looking for new recipes every week. 

14. Continue my dance lessons and work out on my own one additional night per week. GO ME! In fact, the dance recital is tonight!

15. Do one thing off my projects list every weekend. GO ME! It’s been a mix of wedding projects with house projects but I’m still going strong.

16. Complete the wedding plans and then enjoy the fruits of my labor!! GO ME! Wedding plans are completed and we’ll be enjoying it all in 18 days!

Okay, I’m pretty surprised to see how well I’ve been doing without even trying that much. Maybe I need to come up with some more goals? There is still half a year to go!



2 thoughts on “How am I doing 2011?

  1. You are doing totally awesome! I love it! I did a mental recap of where I'm at with the goals on Joe and My goal poster. I definitely have some stuff I haven't done squat on, some I'm doing ok on and others that actually got done. YAY! I'm excited about your book list and the idea of trying new recipes. I need to do that I have SO many cookbooks I have zero excuse why I don't try something new each week. OY! Great job to you though!

  2. You have made some amazing progress! Seriously…you have six months left and have done most of your list already!

    And I can't believe the wedding is almost here!

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