you ready for this?

Well, we’re in count down mode now. Luckily I haven’t hit freak out mode. I’ve been relatively calm this entire time. It’s under control. Everything will go smoothly, all of my vendors will come through with flying colors, and it will not rain- because if it does, I will personally travel to the afterlife and strangle Tlaloc myself. So all in all, I’m feeling good.

That’s not to say that this engagement has been smooth sailing, because it hasn’t. Not by a long shot. But I managed to take everything in stride, prepared for anything and have come out relatively unscathed. Honestly, this engagement, and the last three years for that matter, have been a true testament to me that Andy and I can handle anything, as long as we do it together and remember why we chose to be together. Our partnering skills have seriously amazed me and continue to get better and better every day. In short, we are damn good together.

I have never felt more sure of anything in my entire life. Andy is my man. He is it. The one. The perfect one for me. I feel so blessed that we found each other.

Our relationship has been awesome in so many ways. During the great moments, I always think, “We’ve really got it. This is good.” But it’s actually been the hard times when I think, “Wow. We’ve really got it. This is incredible.” I think that’s how I know.

On Saturday I will say an enthusiastic ‘I Do’ and jump happily into the next chapter of our life together. I can’t wait.


3 thoughts on “you ready for this?

  1. I can't believe it's almost here! I'm sure everything will come together beautifully. And if it doesn't, remember that those types of situations make the best stories later in life.

  2. Ah it's going to be so exciting!!! I can't wait to be up there and celebrating with you. And from what I have seen the weather seems a lot cooler up there than it is down here so I'll enjoy the break from the heat. :) I will however pray for no rain though. :)

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