Hello there!!

Well, we’re back!! Seriously, this has been the best two weeks ever. The wedding was absolutely perfect and the honeymoon was amazing (we went on an Alaskan cruise!) I really just wanted to pop in and share this photo of us on our wedding day.

It was taken by Chauntelle Janzer of OpieFoto. It’s the teaser photo that she sent us until she gets the rest of them put together.  Opie was awesome and I can’t wait to see the other photos she took of our wedding. We also did a ‘day after’ photo shoot with her at Wheeler Farm just before leaving on our honeymoon so I am way excited to those pictures as well.

Anyway, I have loads of pictures to share and lots of stories to tell, so I promise to get back on tomorrow and get you all up to speed. For now, we have piles of laundry to do, sacks of groceries to put away, a yard that desperately needs mowing and a house that is begging to be cleaned. I’ll be back after we can get everything back in order. What a crazy and fun two weeks it has been!



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