yesterday was pretty cool




Yep, I finally got my bachelors degree. Everyone kept asking me if I was excited and to be honest I wasn’t. But not because I didn’t think it was freaking awesome that I was graduating. It was because I wasn’t allowing myself to get excited. My college years have been riddled with bump after bump after bump in the road, all threatening to throw me off course- and at times succeeding. Call me superstitious but I was really afraid that if I got too excited about graduating that I would jinx it. I even imagined that right before walking out someone would come take my tassel away and say, “yeah, you’re not actually graduating,” due to some clerical error or some crap like that. So I didn’t dare get all hyped up until they’d actually called my name. When I walked up and shook the Dean’s hand and took my diploma- that was the first moment that I got all jittery inside.

So now the day after it actually feels real….and really good!!


PS- My family, Andy’s parents, and Andy were incredibly supportive and encouraging to me. They are a huge reason why I was finally able to make this happen and I really love them for that.


3 thoughts on “yesterday was pretty cool

  1. Thank you!! I'm shaking in my boots thinking about grad school starting in January. I've decided to do the Master's of Arts in English. I'm kind of freaked out about it but super excited to really study literature rather than just read it!

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