Fresh Starts

Some things I’ve discovered about myself:

  • I need more ‘me’ time- I’m realizing more than ever now that ‘me’ time is so important. There are times when I really crave some time to myself to do simple things like write, clean, craft, and exercise.
  • I’d really like to become a better cook and baker- Mostly I want to utilize our garden better, cook healthier, and get to the point where I don’t feel like baking cookies is a hassle.

  • I want my home and wardrobe to better reflect my style- Everything we have was either a hand me down or bought because it was cheap. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that) But nothing was bought because we really loved it and it reflected our own personal style. I’d like to allow myself to buy one item for my closet and one item for my house each month that is more ‘me.’
  • I’d like to feel better about my health and appearance- Lately I’ve been struggling with body image and just generally not feeling good about my health and appearance. I need to make little changes like washing my face, giving myself pedicures, eating balanced meals and working out.
  • Lastly, I need a place that’s private to blog- I’ve been blogging for about five years now. So why I am I starting this blog fresh? Because a fresh start is what I need- my other blog isn’t really me. It’s what I think people want to read. I need a place where I can be more open and honest about everything. Hopefully Her Sunday will be that place. 

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