Holiday Party Time

holiday party

Around here people’s idea of getting dressed up is putting on the same thing you would wear to church- typically a skirt with a cotton shirt and some conservative flats. Sometimes I dream of living in New York where you really get dressed up for your holiday work party. Or is that just on TV? In any case. I feel very stifled fashion-wise (and in many other cultural ways) a lot of the time living here.

I feel like I can’t really wear the things that I like because then I’ll stick out like a sore thumb amongst all the jeans and t-shirts. It makes me sad. But if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where dressing up actually means dressing up, then maybe this look would be perfect for your holiday party! You can send me photos of your elegant party and then I can just live vicariously through you, okay?


$78 –

$45 –

Wet Seal strap bag
$4.25 –

£28 –

$30 –

$32 –


$15 –

Champagne Centerpiece
$50 –


5 thoughts on “Holiday Party Time

  1. I LOVE this post and couldn't agree more. I just had a family party and wore a sequin top because I wanted to dress up! Let's, you and me, have a party just for the sole purpose of dressing up, eating fancy hor d'oeuvres and sipping sparkling cocktails!

    Rebecca (hearts)…

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