As a favor to me…

would you please take the time to watch the FRESH VIDEO. It’s something Andy and I care a lot about. I know it’s rather long, but it’s so, so important.

    This video is only available to watch for free this week.

So watch it while you can! Then go HERE for more information.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that caring about what you eat and eating healthy means becoming a vegetarian. That’s not what this is about at all. It’s about making healthy, smart choices for our environment and our economy.

It’s not always possible for us to buy local or organic. But when I can, I do. Yes, buying local and/or organic is more expensive. That’s a fact. But I will gladly pay the extra dollar or two, when I’m able to, because that money comes back to me in a multitude of healthy benefits. I can shave the budget in other areas. I won’t compromise our healthy lifestyle. Organic and local items are infinitely healthier than processed food and chemically treated food. There’s no argument there. So why don’t we make that choice more often? I want to live a long and healthy life and that’s what I want for my family too.

My little contribution is not little. It helps our local economy and it helps my personal well being. So thank you for watching. It never hurts to educate yourself and consider the alternatives. Andy and I are not perfect, but it sure feels good when we make the choice that points to a better future for ourselves and a better future for our beautiful Earth.


After a few weeks

Oh, hi there! At the end of December I took some time off for family and celebrating holidays. We had a very nice Christmas (Christmas Day was our six month wedding anniversary.)
PhotobucketChristmas Day

Andy’s dad made us these nightstands for Christmas. We’re still deciding what color to stain/paint them. PhotobucketThe lamps were IKEA purchases- we both agree that it is soooo nice to have bedside lamps and tables.
This is the tripod lamp that Andy made me for Christmas. I could have peed my pants I was so excited to get this.
PhotobucketWe had a nice little New Year’s celebration at home together too.

PhotobucketNew Years Eve

PhotobucketOur New Years Eve dinner with pink champagne

Andy and I are really enjoying this married thing. We’ve made a few married couple decisions lately like buying a new to us car:
Photobucket(not our actual car- I was too lazy to go outside in the snow and take a picture of the real thing)
We love, love it. It’s our ‘family’ car- big enough to fit Ash and a stroller. Got to plan ahead!
…and selling our green couches and buying a new gray one (arm chairs and side tables to come.)

Photobucketthe new couch

It is really so nice not to be in school. I decided last minute not to do the Master’s of English program. I just wasn’t feelin’ it- at least for right now. Andy has two classes left of his master’s but he’s taking this semester off. It was the right choice for a variety of reasons. I’m looking forward to nights with my hubby without homework. Who knows how much more ‘alone time’ we will have. I have the baby fever bad and I think Andy’s caught it as well.

Anyway, the first week in January, my grandfather went to the hospital with pneumonia and difficulty breathing. So that accounts for my never coming back to blogging after Christmas. I just preferred to spend my time with family as much as possible and I really enjoyed it. I even considered not coming back at all. Grandpa was buried today after a very nice service. I’m very sad he’s gone but he has missed my dad so much all these years and in the hospital he kept saying that he was ready to go and be with him.

PhotobucketMy grandma and grandpa on my dads side- never saw my grandpa without a smile. He will really be missed.

We are now at home and sitting on our new couch surrounded by our beasts. The snow is falling outside and life just feels so good. I decided to come back and say hello now that things feel kind of peaceful. We went to the bookstore yesterday morning, so I think I may start my new book tonight. But first I’m going to make roasted nutmeg seasoned cauliflower and baked maple salmon. We are getting bountiful baskets this winter every couple of weeks. Here is our haul from last week.PhotobucketIt is so much fun because you never know what you are going to get and then we get to figure out new ways to use everything. That’s about it for now. Wow, guess I had a lot to say after my hiatus!


I apologize for being absent from the blog for awhile. I have been spending time at the hospital to be with my grandfather as he battled pneumonia. Early this morning he passed peacefully with his family around him. I am so grateful that he lived a long and happy life. He was such an example to all of us- never short tempered, always laughing and ready to tell a story. He was literally a ray of sunshine even as he lay in his hospital bed. Love you and miss you grandpa. Thank you for showing us all what it means to be good people.

Countdown to the Day of Love!

Tomorrow marks one month until Valentine’s Day! Yes, I am one of those people who buys into all the hype of the holiday. We never do anything outrageous but I’m already starting to think of ideas to make it extra special for my man this year. After all, it will be our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple! I’m thinking of surprising him with a weekend getaway. Work has been rough on him lately and I think a vacation is much needed, even if it is just a few days. Now I just have to decide where!
Casual and Sweet Valentine

1- Coggles Heart Sweatshirt
2- Topshop Tan Cords
2- Topshop Pink Skinny Cords
3-Topshop Slouch Bag
4- Lancome Lipstick & Gloss
4- Armani Eyeshadow
5-Kate Spade Book
6- Max & Chloe Hoops
7-Tom’s Cordones

Sweet & Spicy Peanut Soup


Last week I tried this Sweet & Spicy Peanut Soup out of my new recipe book by Ellie Krieger. Guys, I love this book. I’ve made several recipes from it already and everything has turned out so yummy! Did you know she has her own show too? She’s really fun to watch!


I served the soup with salad and indian naan bread that I had toasted with a little bit of olive oil and garlic powder. I’m hooked to naan right now and it was a perfect pairing.  Of course I had to have my Dr. Pepper too! This made a lot more soup than just my husband and I could eat so I set out a couple of portions to take to work for lunch and then froze the rest for a rainy day.


I think I may have to get in the habit of making soup every weekend to take to work for lunch. It’s so cold right now that soup seems to be the only thing I’m craving.

Trying it out

Every summer we have a garden and I love it. It’s so great to have fresh produce right at an arms length whenever I want to cook something. Meal planning is not so much fun in the winter months when my garden is sleeping. I find that we eat more crap and less fresh stuff during this time because the produce at the grocery is either expensive or not good quality.
A friend suggested that I try Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op for a few weeks and see what I thought. So I signed up to get some baskets this week. One thing I love about Bountiful Baskets is that you don’t have to have a ‘membership.’ You can sign up to get baskets every week or every couple of weeks- whenever you want. It’s very convenient. There are also many locations, a few being very close to our home which make it nice as well.

For $15 you get one basket of veggies and one basket of fruits and you never know what you’re going to get each week. I think that will make it fun and exciting! It will also give us a chance to try produce that I normally wouldn’t buy at the grocery store.

Also, you can sign up for add-ons such as honey, herbs, olive oil, banana bread, and other things if you like. I didn’t do any add-ons this week. I’m excited to get our first weeks worth of produce and see what kind of meals I can make with it! I’ll let you know how it goes.


*all photos taken from Bountiful Basket’s Facebook Page

A gift


We stopped by to visit a friend of ours this weekend. He had just bought a nice piece of land for his family to do some small scale farming on. Nothing major- just some chickens, a veggie garden, and bees!! Yes, this friend is a bee keeper by hobby! I have to admit I’m very intrigued by this little venture of his. He sent us home with this gift of honey straight from the bees. We tried it today and it is heavenly! So sweet and yummy. I’ve been sneaking little spoonfuls of it on scraps of bread all day long.

Spark Your Creativity 1.2

Loving this collage by Amy Jo ‘today’!! It’s a great reminder to stop putting off what you can do today which is so fitting as we enter into grand ideas of New Year’s resolutions. What am I going to stop putting off what I can start today? A work out routine! I’d really like to tone up this year and feel better in my own skin. I want to feel strong and flexible because lately I’ve been feeling like my body is just falling apart on me. The dancer in me is really longing for that lean muscular look that I used to have. So no more procrastination. Today I will work out!!