Weekly Meal Planning

Every weekend I put together a meal plan for the upcoming weeks dinners. I then go grocery shopping based on my meal plan. I’ve found that this saves me a lot of time and money. It’s nice to come home from work and already know what needs to be done to get dinner on the table. It also prevents us from lazily spending money on takeout or buying groceries that will just end up going bad in the fridge because we forget about them. So here’s what’s on the menu this week.


Monday: Sweet Potato Burritos from Oh She Glows
Tuesday: Lemon Pancakes following this tutorial
Wednesday: Sweet & Spicy Peanut Soup with naan from “The Food You Crave” cookbook
Thursday: Grilled Cheese & Salad (something easy for a busy night)
Friday: Salmon Cakes with Ginger Sesame Sauce & Rice from “The Food You Crave” cookbook
Weekend: Leftovers & Date Night

“The Food You Crave” cookbook by Ellie Krieger was a little graduation present to myself. I’m excited to start testing the recipes out this week. My husband and I had lemon pancakes for the first time a few weeks ago at a local cafe and we loved them. I immediately came home and started searching for instructions on how to make them and was happy to find this tutorial.

Sometimes our meal plan has to change for the week and that’s okay. I just like to have a plan in place because it makes my life so much easier. I’m also making it my goal to eat a healthy breakfast every day this week and see if it makes a difference in my energy level throughout the day. So what’s on your menu for the week?


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