Thinking about my home

our home

My husband and I know that we will most likely move within the next three years. We don’t know exactly where yet or have any concrete plans but what we do know is that we are not happy where we are. We don’t like where we live and we don’t like the house we live in. (Sounds pretty ungrateful, right?) We bought the house a few years ago when we really needed to get in to a place and didn’t have the luxury to look around for what we really wanted.

Anyway, the truth is- we are grateful for what we have. We would just like to move forward in the future. So the point of this post was to admit that I haven’t done much improving or design work on our home or yard because I’ve had this attitude that ‘what’s the point if we’re just going to move?’

But there is a point!! For now, this is where we live and we should find happiness in coming home every day. Just because this house isn’t where we want to stay doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deserve our time, love and attention. It’s important to make our home a place that feels like ‘us’ even if it’s not where we’d ultimately like to end up.

Does that make sense? So, I think there are some easy ways that I can spruce up our home and yard which will make us like it there a little bit more. Here are my goals for the year:

1. Replace the dated brown and yellow front door with a new black one that has updated hardware. (We got a new door for free from my father in law who works on homes)

2. Weed flower beds and plant more free cuttings from our parents homes into our yard.

3. Add paint to the interior walls.

4. Have the carpets cleaned.

5. Add art, shelves, and accessories that we can take with us when we leave.

6. Clean out the extra spaces, nooks and crannies- get rid of clutter.

7. DIY projects like curtains on our bare windows.


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