Countdown to the Day of Love!

Tomorrow marks one month until Valentine’s Day! Yes, I am one of those people who buys into all the hype of the holiday. We never do anything outrageous but I’m already starting to think of ideas to make it extra special for my man this year. After all, it will be our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple! I’m thinking of surprising him with a weekend getaway. Work has been rough on him lately and I think a vacation is much needed, even if it is just a few days. Now I just have to decide where!
Casual and Sweet Valentine

1- Coggles Heart Sweatshirt
2- Topshop Tan Cords
2- Topshop Pink Skinny Cords
3-Topshop Slouch Bag
4- Lancome Lipstick & Gloss
4- Armani Eyeshadow
5-Kate Spade Book
6- Max & Chloe Hoops
7-Tom’s Cordones


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