After a few weeks

Oh, hi there! At the end of December I took some time off for family and celebrating holidays. We had a very nice Christmas (Christmas Day was our six month wedding anniversary.)
PhotobucketChristmas Day

Andy’s dad made us these nightstands for Christmas. We’re still deciding what color to stain/paint them. PhotobucketThe lamps were IKEA purchases- we both agree that it is soooo nice to have bedside lamps and tables.
This is the tripod lamp that Andy made me for Christmas. I could have peed my pants I was so excited to get this.
PhotobucketWe had a nice little New Year’s celebration at home together too.

PhotobucketNew Years Eve

PhotobucketOur New Years Eve dinner with pink champagne

Andy and I are really enjoying this married thing. We’ve made a few married couple decisions lately like buying a new to us car:
Photobucket(not our actual car- I was too lazy to go outside in the snow and take a picture of the real thing)
We love, love it. It’s our ‘family’ car- big enough to fit Ash and a stroller. Got to plan ahead!
…and selling our green couches and buying a new gray one (arm chairs and side tables to come.)

Photobucketthe new couch

It is really so nice not to be in school. I decided last minute not to do the Master’s of English program. I just wasn’t feelin’ it- at least for right now. Andy has two classes left of his master’s but he’s taking this semester off. It was the right choice for a variety of reasons. I’m looking forward to nights with my hubby without homework. Who knows how much more ‘alone time’ we will have. I have the baby fever bad and I think Andy’s caught it as well.

Anyway, the first week in January, my grandfather went to the hospital with pneumonia and difficulty breathing. So that accounts for my never coming back to blogging after Christmas. I just preferred to spend my time with family as much as possible and I really enjoyed it. I even considered not coming back at all. Grandpa was buried today after a very nice service. I’m very sad he’s gone but he has missed my dad so much all these years and in the hospital he kept saying that he was ready to go and be with him.

PhotobucketMy grandma and grandpa on my dads side- never saw my grandpa without a smile. He will really be missed.

We are now at home and sitting on our new couch surrounded by our beasts. The snow is falling outside and life just feels so good. I decided to come back and say hello now that things feel kind of peaceful. We went to the bookstore yesterday morning, so I think I may start my new book tonight. But first I’m going to make roasted nutmeg seasoned cauliflower and baked maple salmon. We are getting bountiful baskets this winter every couple of weeks. Here is our haul from last week.PhotobucketIt is so much fun because you never know what you are going to get and then we get to figure out new ways to use everything. That’s about it for now. Wow, guess I had a lot to say after my hiatus!


2 thoughts on “After a few weeks

  1. I totally want to do the bountiful baskets thing. It looks awesome. Great to see some of your new things. Enjoy your time off from school and just being together. You guys will be great parents whenever the time comes and when it does we will celebrate. :-) God bless your Grandpa. Maybe he'll see mine up there too. Hugs!

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