Sometimes it’s hard

I’ve been struggling lately. You could say that I’ve lost my mojo but I think it’s a little more than that. I feel sluggish…a little sad…bored…blank. Sounds horrible, right? It can be frustrating when this happens, but it’s also a wonderful time too. Why? Because it forces me to just stop. Stop doing. Stop working. Stop moving. It forces me to reconnect with myself, to realize that it’s time to recenter again and refocus. It gives me a chance to ask myself important questions about where my life is going and whether or not I’m happy with my choices. And in the end, it always leaves me quite contented. It takes some time to get to that feeling of peace but if I handle it right, then it always happens.

You see, I’m well aware that it is the winter weather that puts me in this state. So there are a few tricks that I have that help me make it to May.
1. The husband and I try to plan a weekend getaway to somewhere a little warmer. Just a few days is all it takes to rejuvenate me.
2. I fill the house with fresh flowers. Their bright blooms are the perfect thing to come home to every afternoon.
3. I get my butt to the gym. My boss is kind enough to allow me to eat at my desk so I can use my lunch hour to work out. Those happy endorphins that exercising creates do wonders for helping me get through the day to day.
4. I make time for something that I enjoy every day: reading a chapter in my book, watching my favorite television show, online window shopping, bubble baths, pedicures, or something else that I would normally consider a ‘frivolous’ use of my time.

5. Put on some music and dance! Yes, I really do this. In the privacy of my own living room of course. Ha Ha. It’s amazing fun. Secretly I can’t wait until I have a little one so we can have mini dance parties in our living room together. 

It’s not much and some days are harder than others, but the little things help. Like today when I clicked over to Design is Mine. I stopped on this lovely little image and immediately smiled.


It’s funny how one image can brighten things, isn’t it? This room just looks happy and peaceful to me. Just as I’d like to feel today.
What do you do to chase the blues away, get your mojo back, or get through rough patches?

One thought on “Sometimes it’s hard

  1. I have a hard time in the winter months also. I just keep my thoughts positive and keep busy. Work on decorating projects inside the house since, you have to stay indoors most of the time. Going on vacation would be great! I wish we could go somewhere soon, but our schedules aren't going to allow us.

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