some purchases

…this lamp that I fell in love with but wasn’t willing to pay $65 for. Luckily for me I found it for half the price at Home Goods and now it makes me grin with happiness every time I walk in the room.


…more pillows. I really wanted geometric pillows for the sofa and now I finally have them.


Just a couple of things, but I’m loving the way this room is finally coming together. It still needs some work, but it finally feels cozy and home-y to me now. We need to paint the walls and although I’d love to whip out the midnight blue, we’ll be going with something more monochromatic to make it more appealing to potential buyers when we decide to move.



ps- pardon our clutter in these photos

 Tomorrow it’s back to work, but this weekend we may be heading to Wyoming to meet my new baby nephew!

2 thoughts on “some purchases

  1. Cute lamp and pillows. I plan to go to Home Goods next month! I haven't been in years. I have to “budget” for the trip though, because I know I am going to probably go crazy! Your living room is cute.

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