Caramel, Mustard, & Blue Skies

caramel, mustard, sky
I’ve been contemplating a pair of high waisted jeans. Would you wear them? I think they only look good with the right shirt and shoes. I really love these three colors together- for room or dress. I’m on the lookout for an ottoman but it’s got to be just right- not too tall, short, wide, etc. I may try to DIY it if I can find the right base to start with.


Is anyone else a Downton Abbey (on Masterpiece Theatre) fan? I’m a little late to the party and have only just started season 2, but oh man is it the show for me! I love the historical setting, don’t you?
The hubby had surgery yesterday morning and I stayed home from work to be with him. I’m kind of wishing I had taken today off as well but guilt has me sitting here at my computer instead.
I really don’t like granola bars but I’ve discovered that if they are peanut butter flavored, I love them.
I haven’t been sleeping well lately- well ever- It’s horrible being a light sleeper. Every little noise or movement wakes me right up and I have a terrible time falling back to sleep.
I have an stubborn dance injury from last year that refuses to heal completely. I’d really like to continue teaching but at this point I can’t even demonstrate what I’m trying to teach the kids. I’ve worked through pain before but this is unbearable and I’m afraid of injuring it worse. I’m so incredibly frustrated and have begun to feel defeated about it.

One thought on “Caramel, Mustard, & Blue Skies

  1. That stinks about the sleeping thing. BOO. Also that stinks your injury is not healing. I always wonder how people have a studio when they can't dance. I mean have you seen that show Dance Mom's or whatever it is on TV. I've never seen the Abby lady dance and I just don't see her leaping across a stage any time soon… OY. Don't get down though. Sometimes injuries do take time to heal and maybe you're just meant to focus on something else for right now. I hope your hubby is doing ok from the surgery.

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