Her: Lately



reading   the sign and the seal: the quest for the lost ark of the covenant by graham hancock.
worried about   whether or not I’m making the right decisions about work and school.
missing   frequent visits from my sister and her cute kids.
creating   garland with bakers twine and washi tape.
hating   unnecessary anxiousness.
wondering   where we’ll be in the next year.
thankful for   stability-even if it does feel stagnant at times.
listening to   my mish mash playlist on spotify.
watching   the killing- a crime suspense show I found on netflix.
loving   getting to work early so I can leave early.
discovering   the art of living in the now.
waiting   for my project life supplies to arrive.
excited about   seeing one of my closest friends this weekend.
wishing   I was better at channeling my creative side.
searching for   more motivation.
craving   crepes with nutella.
enjoying   the early morning peace.


2 thoughts on “Her: Lately

  1. Ah I will help you channel your creative side! I love all things crafty and creative! :-) it was also fabulous seeing you! What a wonderful time and made my trip up great!

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