Just Her: writing prompts


Writing Prompt #1: Frustration
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There’s always a little bit of b.s. when you work in an office, stuck in a cubicle all day, answering to the (wo)man. Most days I sift through the b.s. and at the end of the day I can let it all roll off. Yesterday was, unfortunately, not one of those days. The issues of  the day had been building for awhile and it all came to a head with one mid-morning instant message. A message which I stared it in disbelief  and annoyance for an entire ten minutes before replying, “Okay.” What I really wanted to say was, “Seriously? When is ‘competency’ or ‘efficiency’ going to be a part of your vocabulary? Because I’ve had enough.

When I can feel my irritation mounting I usually put my headphones on or disappear to the bathroom for a bit. Yesterday I just logged off and left, telling my coworker that I needed to get out and would be back in a half an hour. I went and got some lunch at Subway where I sat and silently gave myself a pep talk. “You can do this. It’s a means to an end. Focus on the end. This isn’t going to be your life forever.”

I came back from lunch and gratefully accepted the sympathetic glances from my coworkers. They know. They’re right there with me. The last instant message of the day was the nail in the coffin. “You ready to go 40 hrs soon?” 

“Yep. Bring it on.”

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