Movie to Fashion


Andy and I watched The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo this weekend. We read the book when it first came out and later watched the European version of the film so we were anxious to see if the English version would be good. It’s not a book or a movie for the faint of heart. We really liked it but both agreed that if you hadn’t read the book, you might have a hard time following the plot. The book is just full of details that couldn’t all be pushed into a two and a half hour movie. Overall, we think they did a really nice job with it. I decided to whip up some fashion inspiration based on Lisbeth Salander. My version is not so goth and a little on the feminine side- something I might wear myself. Lisbeth Salander might not like everything in this set but she sure did clean up nice when it came to swindling a bunch of money from Wennerstrom.

yellow, gray, black


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