washi fun

I’ve been seeing the cute things done with washi tape on Pinterest for a long time. Now that I have more free time I feel like I can afford to use some of that time working on some fun, crafty stuff. A couple of weeks ago I ordered my first washi tape from Le Box Boutique on Etsy and I also ordered some baker’s twine from Crafty Clementines. I think Andy thought it was funny that I was so excited about tape.



We finally cleaned out the back bedroom and set it up as a crafting, sewing, computer room and we love it! Last night, while I was waiting for Andy to fix our wireless internet connection, I decided to play around and create a little something for the new inspiration board I just put up above my craft space.It’s not much but that little bit of cute makes me so happy!
Anybody else have annoying wireless connection issues? I tried for two hours last night to print photos from our new printer. I was so frustrated and by the time we finally got it to work I had lost my creative drive and just wanted to take a shower and go to bed. It’s frustrating when you’re excited about something and then it’s just not coming together, isn’t it? I’ll try again tonight.

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