"i" statements challenge

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Good morning!! I brought a grapefruit to work for breakfast. I’ve decided that I need to kick my morning donut routine. It’s raining today, but calm and beautiful outside. Here at the library we’re supposed to participate in the Utah Shakeout. I honestly can’t remember having an earthquake drill since I was in grade school, but considering the fault line runs right along campus, it’s probably a good idea.

Awhile back Becky challenged us to make the following “I” statements and I thought I’d go ahead and do that today. Feel free to copy them and do them yourself if you want.

i was … just messaging a friend for encouragement.

i am … still trying to figure out what my next step should be.

i think … I am capable of more than I realize.

i wonder … if we’ll get our act together and actually go camping this year.

i wish … I had more money to travel.

i save … memories in a notebook.

i always … carry a camera.

i can’t imagine … life without my husband.

i believe … that life has a way of working itself out.

i promise … to spend more time with our families this year.

i love … the smell of a new book.

Speaking of books, I am really loving all the reading I’m getting in lately. Reading has always been a “me” thing. In other words, it never really occurred to me that maybe I should be connecting with other book lovers out there until now. But I’ve really been enjoying the little book communities that have welcomed me in lately; book clubs, bloggers, etc. It’s been fun sharing my enjoyment of stories with others. It’s kind of like a new world has opened up to me, one in which I feel perfectly at home.

PS- in honor of the rainy days lately, I’ve had this song on repeat. I love Mika. Really, really, really want to see him in concert but he’s only touring in Europe this year. (click through your reader to see the video)


3 thoughts on “"i" statements challenge

  1. I love reading! I think that it is a “me” thing, but also it's great to connect with people over a good book discussion. And it's always great to get suggestions for future reads!

    Good luck on the doughnut kick! I usually eat a little oatmeal with nuts and raisins in the morning. It tends to keep me fuller longer!

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