An update on my reading goals

My reading goals have slowly and steadily been getting off the ground. I didn’t really decide to set any reading goals or join any challenges until the beginning of March, so I was a little late in the game this year. I’m hoping to get into a groove soon so that I can make it through my books quicker. 

So far I’ve read:

1809 pages…
8 books towards my goal of 50 books this year…
2 Cozy Mysteries towards my goal of reading 6 this year…
1 book for the April Book Club
1 book for the Eclectic Reader Challenge
1 book toward my Newberry Book Challenge
2 books toward my Caldecott Book Challenge

Okay, so I really haven’t done that much so far and I’m a little frustrated with my reading speed. I try to read at home, but I get interrupted a lot and then my mind wanders and I have to read the paragraph again. I’m also fighting my conscience as I actually feel guilty when I take time with my book–like I should be doing something productive like finishing the dishes. I also feel guilty reading while Andy is working. I felt guilty reading the entire time he was mowing the lawn the other night if that makes sense. 
I’m hoping to be able to figure out a couple of hours each day that I can carve out for reading…time that I can read without having to stop and restart a million times and time that I can read without feeling guilty about it. I’m also utilizing audio books while I’m at work and driving, but I like to do my own reading as much as possible. 
I’m not so much concerned with getting through my goals as I am with being able to read everything that I want to. I really enjoy reading and I want and need that time each day. My list of books that I can’t wait to devour is long and I anxiously want to be able to get to them all. It’s honestly like a hunger for me-like I’m starving and can’t eat the plate of food in front of me fast enough so I can get on to the next. There are just so many awesome books out there. 

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3 thoughts on “An update on my reading goals

  1. I understand about the guilt thing as well. Both parts: that you “should” be doing the dishes and that if your Mr is working, you shouldn't be “lazing around”. We each take time to do what makes us happy…some things are active, some are not. I tend to leave the reading until last, but then I am so tired that I only read a few pages before passing out. I want to make more time for reading, because some of the other things I am doing are not really that productive, but they are still edging out my reading time!

    I didn't read the April Book Club book. I requested it from the library but still haven't gotten it! Oh well.

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