The apps I use the most


I use this app a couple of times a day as Facebook is the main way my mom, sisters, and I send messages to each other.


This is my favorite app ever. I can scan books with it when I’m at the book store and it will bring up reviews, ratings, and a whole bunch of other stats for that book. It gives me book recommendations, lets me track my reading goals and I can join reading groups and discussions plus a lot more. You can follow my bookshelves here.


 I use this app when I want to publish a quick blog post on the go. The only complaint I have with it is that I haven’t figured out how to place images above the text in my post yet. I’m not sure if you can even fix that formatting or not.

Google Reader

I love being able to keep up with (and comment on) my favorite blogs wherever I am.

groceriesOur Groceries 

Andy and I both have this app and it works out great. It’s basically a grocery list, but what is awesome is that the list syncs to both of our phones. So Andy can add things to the list (like when he’s sitting at work and remembers that he needs more shaving cream) and then it will show up on my list. It has helped eliminate repeat trips to the store for forgotten items.

HIIT Interval Training Timer

This is an interval timer that I use when I’m doing quick workouts. It will time my intervals and time set breaks in between workout sets. It keeps me going and stops me from taking such a long break that my heart rate gets too low.


I just started with Instagram on Android and I love it. I don’t really see the point of paying a crap load of money for an Iphone at this point. I’m not that addicted to my phone. But it is nice to have Instagram for my blogging and scrapbooking purposes. You can follow me at HerSunday.


I use this app a lot to find and save recipes that I want to try. It comes in handy if I’m coming home from work and need a quick idea for dinner. I can check the recipe and see if I need to stop at the store for any ingredients. 


I’ve got to have music! I listen to Pandora while I get ready for work in the morning, when I’m cleaning, or when I’m fixing dinner. I also sometimes plug it in and listen to Pandora through the radio while I’m driving.


An app that came with my phone but one that I use constantly. You have to turn the GPS on in order for it to work properly. The main thing we search for is restaurants. Whenever we’re down in Salt Lake area we like to pull up Places and search for new restaurants to try near us. It’s how we’ve found great places like Tin Roof Grill and Gracie’s and Dodo.

What are your favorite apps? 


One thought on “The apps I use the most

  1. Thanks for the list! I love hearing what other people use! I downloaded the grocery one and the interval one will be PERFECT for my friend who is just getting back into running again!

    I use the rest of those all the time! A couple others I love are Yelp, Merriam Webster, Open Table, and Shazam.

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