Bedroom Curtain DIY

Remember this fabric that Andy gave to me for my birthday? Well, I finally got to work and sewed it in to curtains for the master bedroom. Miss Mauney Moo wasn’t too happy that I was taking away her fabric nest. 


I had already measured how much fabric I would need for each panel so I set to work sewing the raw edges over. I always like to iron my edges over when I am sewing large sections. I used my measuring tape to turn the edges over a 1/2 inch and then again another 1/2 inch.


Then I sewed a straight stitch along each ironed edge.



I did this on all four edges and did not sew a casing or tabs. I had already decided that I wanted to use drapery clips on this project because I like the more contemporary look. You can see how the corners turned out; nothing fancy, just turned over each other.


While I was sewing, Andy worked on hanging the curtain rod.


Then I clipped the fabric on and voila!! Extremely simple sewing project that anyone could do.



We love them. They add a much more finished look to the room.


What do you think? Would you try a project like this in your home?


6 thoughts on “Bedroom Curtain DIY

  1. Thanks! We got that Seattle print at the Space Needle on our honeymoon last year and I finally got around to framing it and hanging it.

  2. That looks great! I can sew a button on a shirt. That's about it. Or a hole in a pair of pants. Kind of.

    I love that Seattle print! It totally goes with the curtains! (or is it the other way around?)

  3. Thanks. It was really easy. I'd had that fabric for so long but just hadn't motivated myself to actually sew it up. I'm glad I finally just did it because it makes the bedroom so look a lot less like a blank prison cell!

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