What’s growing around here

I love my flowers. I know it’s silly but they honestly bring me so much joy. I love that they greet me when I leave the house for work and that they are there to greet me when I pull back in to the driveway after a long day. I anxiously await their arrival every spring and feel very sad when they leave at the end of the season. The lack of flowers is why I always have a hard time getting through the winter months. It’s almost like they’re lifetime friends who come for a visit each year and when they go away I’m left feeling a tiny little void. I’m hoping that one day I’ll have a cutting garden full of enough flowers that I can cut them daily and bring a bouquet in to the house to enjoy.
In the front yard my white tulips are in full swing and they are gorgeous!! I scrutinized over what color to plant- most all of the houses around us have yellow or red tulips so I’m glad I chose to do all white. They really stand out and are just so lovely.

The daisies are popping up and hopefully will be blooming soon. This year I moved some of them to the backyard as they were spreading like crazy. I don’t care that they spread though- it would be fantastic to have enough that I could cut a fresh daisy bouquet each week.

I can’t remember the name of this little guy. Andy picked it out last year and while we didn’t know if it was going to survive, we’re happy to see it back this year.

Only one Daylily has bloomed so far. I have several different varieties of Daylillies and I’m always excited to see which color will bloom next. I have a pretty little pinkish one that is my favorite. I’ll have to show you when it comes back this year. So far the only one that has bloomed is this dainty yellow one.

I have other lilies as well- I believe these are going to be crimson. As you can tell, I’m no expert on flowers. I don’t know all their proper names but I just love them.

I planted this blue ground cover this year to fill in some spaces and to add a different color to the bed. It’s still small but hopefully it will spread out a little next year.

Against the house I have the hosta bed. Another absolute favorite. As you can see, they’re still small and I’ve had to plant a few new ones to fill in some blank spots. This is a problem area as they cats like to dig around in here and they’ve killed a few of my plants.
There is also this lovely little ground cover around the hostas. I was excited to see it spreading and hugging the rocks last year. I just love the vibrant green that it adds to the area.

In the backyard the irises are in full swing and they are magnificent!


This giant plant hasn’t bloomed yet but it’s a Hollyhock and it so pretty. But honestly it’s quite the monster right now. I need to ask my in-laws about it (a lot of the flowers in my yard came from their yard.) I’m not sure if I should be allowing it to take over the world like it is.


I also have little anemones back here in several different colors. This is another problem bed as the trees planted here are dying and have a bunch of stickers growing up around their base. We have yet to decide how to handle this issue.

Don’t know the name of this one either but it shares some ground with the anemones. 

Bleeding Hearts!! They really need a new home in the yard and I’ve been considering moving them over near the new garden shed. They need to be moved so they can really thrive.


The peonies have buds on them and will be blooming in a couple of weeks. I can never get over how pretty they are. They are one of my favorites as well, which is why I insisted on having them at my wedding and in my bouquet


On the shaded side of the house I have these plants. I have no idea what they are called but they get cute little purple flowers on them. They were a gift-transplanted from the neighbors yard after they noticed I liked flowers and sadly they don’t live there anymore.


The mint was also a gift from those neighbors and it is spreading like wildfire! Everyone should have mint in their yard even if they don’t use it for cooking- it’s very pretty and smells divine!! When I mow the lawn I always run over the edge of the mint bed a little to release the aroma. It’s wonderful.


And last but not least- the Peace Lily. As you can see my conscience got the better of me and I did not let it die but it does need some tlc if it’s going to start looking a little better.

That’s it for now- we haven’t planted our garden yet, will wait to do that for another couple of weeks. I’ll post another update as more things start to bloom.

What’s your favorite flower?  

2 thoughts on “What’s growing around here

  1. OMG. OMG. I love this. I've been working out in my yard like a crazy person, trying to fix it up because it's been kind've neglected for a long time, I think. Your yard sounds fab. I can't believe you have irises already, the ones in my yard are just barely budding. I planted a couple peonies this spring but I don't think they'll bloom til next year. I kind've hate red and yellow tulips, too…

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