Bought today

I got out of the house early this morning to get some grocery shopping done. As a rule I only shop for groceries every two weeks. For awhile our rule was ‘shop when you decide you need something.’ You can see how this could get to be obsessive. Oreo’s, for example. I’d go grocery shopping, buy a package of Oreo’s and two days later it would be gone. So we’d go to the store again. Just for Oreo’s. It got to be an unhealthy cycle and an expensive one.
So now, it’s every two weeks and if we eat through something quickly, then we have to do without until I shop again. It’s a miracle, because now that package of Oreo’s is suddenly lasting us the full two weeks. What can I say? I now understand why my mom would get so mad when the box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch would be gone the day after she bought it. And she’d say, “I’m never buying CTC again.” We couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t buy it again if we liked it so much. But now I get it, groceries are expensive, yo!
This time around we haven’t really conserved the Dr. Pepper very well and on Monday it was gone. So every day this week we’ve both come home from work, opened the fridge and groaned at the reminder that there was no Dr. Pepper and there would be no Dr. Pepper until Friday. Sometimes our grocery rule is tough.

After that lesson in grocery shopping, let’s get on to the important stuff. I bought this today:


Remember how I told you that we love Bruge’s and we go there almost every time we go to the Farmer’s Market? Well, they make their waffles with a speculoos spread, which is made from crushed Biscoff cookies- so not the same thing as this. The speculoos spread is crunchy and this biscoff spread is creamy. But I’m going to try it out on waffles anyway.
I’ll be judging dance competitions all weekend again. My sister is judging the same competition and will be staying at my house. I think I should probably go scrub the bath tub or something today.

Please tell me you have something more fun than grocery shopping and bath tub scrubbing planned today.

3 thoughts on “Bought today

  1. I have a rehearsal dinner to go to and then my brother's wedding tomorrow! So… a bit more fun than your plans. ;)

    I keep trying to get into the habit of only shopping once a week and if I forget something or run out, too bad so sad! But I'm not tough enough yet, I don't think. Heh. Way to go on being tough with the rule!

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