Well, friends. I have some sad news today. Kitty did not make it through the night. We took him back to the vet yesterday for blood work. The blood work came back fine- no organ failure and no disease. So at that point we opted to leave him with the vet. They would keep him for a few days and he would be hooked up to an IV for fluids. We hoped that his body would get used to solid foods again. However, it just didn’t happen. The vet called us this morning to let us know that he passed away during the night. We are very sad but glad that this sweet little lover boy is not suffering anymore.


So today is starting with some very sad feelings, but we are hopeful that time with family for Mother’s Day this weekend will help us feel better. A special thank you to the folks at Quail Pointe Veterinary who were compassionate, caring, and determined to help our kitty. And a very special thanks all of  you for your kind words!

4 thoughts on “untitled

  1. It was such an amazing thing that you guys did and that kitty was able to feel loved for and cared for during the last few days of it's life, as opposed to being outside neglected – which I'm sure made a big difference.

  2. So sad! I have been MIA from the blog world because I blew through my data plan up in UT and didn't have any way to check what was going on. I finally went back and caught up and it's so sad. You guys are awesome to bring him home and bring him a little joy and love in the last days of his life. At least he passed knowing someone loved him and cared for him. HUGS!

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