June Salad Challenge

I’ve decided to join in with the June Salad Challenge hosted by Oh She Glows this month. That means that I’ll be making salad for lunch or dinner every day in June.

The only difference between my salads and Angela’s will be that hers will be primarily vegan and mine won’t.

My plan is to embrace variety. Anything goes. Just think of the possibilities! Fruit, veggies, grains, protein, and noodles even! I’m also allowing myself to prepare something to go along with the salad- so the salad could actually be part of a greater meal.

We’re still going to be getting our bi-weekly Bountiful Basket for a couple more weeks, so it will be interesting to see how I’ll be able to use all the surprises in our basket to make the following weeks salads. I’m excited to get creative with it.

There’s only one thing that I’ve decided about this challenge- it won’t apply to dates. So if we go on a date, we can choose to get salad or not, depending on where we are eating at.

I’ll be kicking the challenge off this weekend. I’m already on the hunt for some great recipes, but if you have salads that you love, please share!


7 thoughts on “June Salad Challenge

  1. Ah i totally want to do this! I was thinking of doing salads for lunch at work anyway! I may be jumping on the bandwagon on this one. Yay!!! Plus my mom has tons of lettuce in her garden so i can make some yummy salads!

  2. You totally should do this with me! We can share recipes and ideas. I think I'm going to do a weekly post that will include everything we ate that week and what's up for next week. I'm a little bit scared about this challenge but excited too!

  3. Awesome! We can swap ideas so we don't get bored. I'm hoping to post a bunch of different recipes that I might want to try. I'm a little nervous that I'll run out of steam towards the end, but I'm excited to try it!

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