Progress: A close up of the vegetable garden

Can you believe it’s already the last day of May? I think our garden is doing better than it ever has in the past. I thought I’d share a close up of the little bit of progress that it’s made since planting at the beginning of May.

First up, tomatoes!

In the past we have ended up planting way too many tomato plants and can never use or get rid of all the tomatoes they produce. So this year we chose three different varieties- one being an heirloom. The other two are traditional tomatoes. I opted not to plant any cherry tomatoes because we can never eat them all. We also opted not to plant any roma. I haven’t liked the roma’s that we’ve had in the past. For some reason the skin on them always seems too thick and tough and it’s just not my cup of tea.

We planted quite a few peppers this year but made some changes in that department as well. I planted 2 green pepper plants because I love green peppers and use them in so many recipes.


As you can see, we’ve already got a few peppers forming. This is kind of worrying me because I’d like the plants to be a bit bigger before they start producing. Is this going to be a problem and cause the plants to stay small rather than fill out?

The past couple of years we have planted anaheim and yellow peppers as well as tomatillos. We decided against them this year because we’re just simply tired of them. Instead, I opted to plant poblanos!! I’m really excited about this. I see chile rellenos in our future. Yum!


Last year we planted beans and they didn’t come up, so I was pretty delighted to see that they were working well this year. I did one thing different. I soaked the bean seeds in water overnight before planting them this time. I’m not sure if that made a difference but I guess it didn’t hurt. 



We tried cauliflower before and it never worked out. Of course, we didn’t really read up on the proper care of the plant, so I think that was our problem. This time we decided to try broccoli. From what I read, broccoli needs plenty of water to be successful. They have a shallow root system, so you have to be careful not to let your soil dry out. Broccoli is also a heavy feeder and needs nutrient rich soil or fertilizer. We are anxious to see how they do.

The carrots are up as well.


And clearly needing thinning and weeding.

This little guy is my butternut squash.


Why is he in a pot? Two reasons: I’m experimenting at trying to keep the slugs away from him. Also, because there wasn’t room for him in the garden. I’ll most likely have to move the pot somewhere where he can really spread out as he begins to grow.

Luckily slugs have not been a problem just yet. Last year we planted a cucumber and it was chewed to bits by the very next day.


We haven’t had a problem yet and I’m hoping it stays that way.

I always love to have zucchini in the garden. It’s such a versatile vegetable and I have no problem using it all up. What I can’t, use I shred and then freeze, to use later in zucchini bread or chocolate cake. 

Do you know what this is?


It’s Kale! We discovered that we actually really like kale this winter. We got some in our Bountiful Basket and after adding it to a couple of soups, decided that we needed to have it more often.



Just barely starting to come up. No lettuce this year. We haven’t had any luck finding a variety that has a good texture and tastes well, so we chose not to plant any and just focus on spinach.

Peas of course! You can’t have a garden without some yummy snap peas.


And peeking up behind the peas is the corn.


Last but not least are the potatoes.


We didn’t plant these this year. They are coming up from last year if you would believe. They look pretty good, so I’m excited to get digging in there and see what we’ve got. Potatoes are such an easy thing to plant and so nice to have from the garden.
The only thing that hasn’t come up so far are the green onions. I also didn’t plant any sunflowers this year out of laziness. They are gorgeous but are kind of paint to clean up. Although we have several sprouting sunflower seeds leftover from last year so I could just technically let them grow if I really wanted to. 

So there you have it!


We’re happy with the progress the garden is making but a little nervous that it will all go to crap when we go on vacation at the end of June. But all in all, I think this is shaping up to be one of the most successful gardening years. We’ve come a long way from the first raised beds we had and we are still feeling that we need to make the garden bigger!

Are you a gardener? What do you plant? Do you have a big garden or just rely on pots? What’s your favorite vegetable from the garden?

PS- Tomorrow marks the first day of the June Salad Challenge. Are you ready?


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