Her Weekend

This weekend we spent some time up in Logan at my mom’s house. She is planning to have the entire first floor of her house painted in July and needed help cleaning everything out and getting it all prepped for the painting day. Clay was able to get one bedroom plus the bathroom painted, so that will give us a head start. He also fixed a couple of holes in the walls. Andy worked on some projects around the house. He rehung the side gate, replaced some boards in the fence, cleared out some weeds, and fixed some other things around the house.

While the boys were doing their handy work, my sisters and I worked on clearing out all the closets, taking things off the walls and giving everything a good wipe down. My mom decided to part with a lot of things, so we got first dibs on everything. We each got a couple of special treasures. Lindsey got the cradle that my dad built, Jen got the little table and chair set that my dad built and I got the doll house that my mom built. Other treasures included a checker board built by my dad, a viewfinder that I loved as a kid, blankets & table clothes sewed by my mom and my dad’s marble collection.

The first thing we did was clean out my mom’s purse room. She operates gal pal purse and sews these adorable purses. I’ll have to share more pictures some time. We had to move everything downstairs and set up her sewing table in the basement so she could keep working.


The next thing we went through was my mom’s prized collection of cookbooks. We each took a handful of our favorites.



We also got to sort through my mom’s collection of fabric and take what we wanted. The entire closet in the bedroom was filled with bins of fabric. When we were little my mom sewed all of our clothes and dance costumes. It was fun to go through the fabric and remember what she had made from it.



In between cleaning and boxing things up we got to spend some time playing with Nellie and Nixon. This is Nixon’s signature ‘snuzzle.’ He likes to snuggle up to you when you hold him and nuzzle his face into your chest. 

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Nellie was a fun bundle of energy and was always keeping us on our toes.
All tired out and heading home.




How was your weekend?

5 thoughts on “Her Weekend

  1. Wow how exciting to get to go through all that stuff. Your mom looks like she is very talented! We went hiking over the weekend! It was a blast. I am posting pictures tomorrow on my blog.

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