A weeknight walk

Ashland has had some issues lately and when we took her to the vet the prescribed medication was “more physical and mental stimulation.” So we’ve been trying to get her more exercise and keep her from getting bored. It’s tough when you both work full time but it’s good for us all to get out and walk each night. We’re also trying to work her back into her normal Frisbee playing routine.







I loved this section of the walking trail near our house. It’s peaceful and very pretty. It’s a perfect little area of still semi-untouched farm land. Not much of that is still left around here.

Any tips for keeping Ash from getting bored while we’re at work all day?


3 thoughts on “A weeknight walk

  1. Isn't it great how just a simple walk can make such a difference. We have seen a huge difference in Chloe just walking her a few times. I know Chloe loves to chew on a bone when we have her pinned up. Maybe try Kongs filled with treats also.

  2. That trail looks awesome. Also, we got our lab an antler to chew on. He's had is for almost a year and he's barely made a dent in it. They're about $40 but they'll last forever!

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